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Merry Christmas MincedReviewers!

Merry Christmas MincedReviewers!

Merry Christmas MincedReviewers! I hope that you are all having a love-filled and delicious food-filled day.

Salted Caramel, the new Pumpkin.

Gold.  I’ve struck gold.  I have created THE perfect salted caramel recipe.  If I do say so myself.   🙂  Salted Caramel Apple Bread.

I was asked to participate in a product review for the Sweet Creations by Good Cook NonStick Mini Loaf Pan and create an original recipe.   My level of expertise on reviewing bakeware-high.  My level of expertise on creating an original recipe-n/a.

Before I unveil the recipe of all recipes (or in my case the only recipe), let’s discuss the pan.  It is a four cup (four loaf) pan which is great because you can make smaller loaves (bread, meatloaves, etc.) or make different types of loaves.  This versatility is great for anyone cooking for more than one.   It has a nonstick coating.  My loaves came right out when I flipped the pan over.  The pan is a tad lighter than I expected (not necessarily a negative).  Overall this pan is great addition to any baker’s arsenal of pans.

Now…(drum roll please)…the recipe:

Caramel Apple Sea Salt Bread

All MincedReviewers get 25% off the mini loaf pan!  Click here to shop.  Enter the code: SWEETLOAF .

Happy Baking everyone!!