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Houseware’s Show 2014

Houseware’s Show 2014

Another Houseware’s Show has come to an end (sad face). My feet are quite happy it’s over but I am wishing I had a little more time.   Is there a kitchenware anonymous group that I should know about?

Overall, the Show seemed to lack new trends. Mostly just a continuation of existing trends.

  • Color – Color is still everywhere you look.  I don’t mean to minimize color, it is exciting to look at, but I think rather than calling color a trend, I will focus from here on out on what colors are trending in the kitchen.   The Pantone color of the year , radiant orchid, was definitely a focus this year for many vendors.  However, my personal favorite was the new Le Creuset Green.  Wow.  Absolutely beautiful!


  • Eco – There is still a push towards ‘eco-friendly’ interiors. Ceramic is EVERYWHERE.   Ceramic hit the show a few years ago in a small way, became a full-fledged trend last year and this year, you really couldn’t be in the cookware business and not have a ceramic offering.   I still question this trend as truly viable option in cookware.  Outside of a fry pan, is the customer really understanding this trend?  I’m just not sure.  Ceramic is also growing in the cutlery category.  Ceramic is very sharp and very breakable.  Curious to see how ceramic cutlery sales shake out once customers realize that they really do have to handle them with kid gloves (what does that phrase really mean).
  • Copper – I’m in love! Copper everywhere.  Copper cookware (sigh), copper accents on cookware (beautiful), copper kitchen tools (yes, please) and even a copper coffee press (must have).  Copper is such an excellent material to cook in (a future blog on that) and looks so beautiful that it could pass as a piece of art.
  • Fashion nonstick interiors?? –  Not sure I’m digging this trend but it was a natural next step.  Fry pans with words on the inside.  Color on the inside.  Prints on the inside.  Speckled interiors.  If it has been done to the outside of a fry pan, this year it was taken to the inside of the pan.  With so much concern these days on chemicals leaching into our food via nonstick surfaces (not necessarily a valid concern at this point but a consumer concern nonetheless), I’m wondering how customers will respond.  A very novel concept though, I could end up being wrong on my questioning this trend.

Favorite Products (at first glance) – I say at first glance because I do not like recommending a product without trying it first.

  • That!Inventions had several items that really raised the innovation bar. One of my biggest kitchen frustrations is thawing seafood.  I seem to always forget to take it out of the freezer early enough and end up trying to thaw with water.  Then I spend the next five-ten minutes trying to dry the filet out.  With ThawThat! the problem is solved.  With a not overly complicated but hard to explain non-electric heat exchange (yikes, that was a mouth full), it thaws food incredibly fast.  If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Oh AND it’s dishwasher safe.  Sold!   Another kitchen problem solved is a smoother butter spreading  experience.  For those of us that are sticking with real butter, the trade-off is usually that it can be difficult to spread.  SpreadThat! transfers your body heat down to the knife-edge.  How cool is that??  Lastly, my husband is the king of scooping ice cream (so says me) and typically his process is to run the scoop under hot water.  While that does work, it brings the ice cream temp down and causes the ice cream to melt a little before you can even get a spoon in the bowl to enjoy. ScoopThat! uses a thermo-ring which heats only the outer edges of the scoop.  The inside scooping bowl is Teflon insulated and nonstick to help keep the ice cream cold.  Novel idea, right?  Cold ice cream.   Sold. Sold. Sold.  I’ll have more info on these in the future directing you on where you can buy these awesome gadgets.


  • Bodum Bistro Rolling Pin– I haven’t encountered much progress in the category of rolling pins over the years, aside from adding new materials (silicone).   The Bodum Bistro Rolling Pin allows you to fill the center with ice.  For any of you bakers out there, you understand how important it is to keep the dough at  a cool temperature or you have to stop rolling and put it in the fridge.   Warm dough is very difficult to work with.  This is a great solution to an age-old problem.
  • Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler – Okay.  This tumbler.  This amazing tumbler had me at shake.  I make iced coffee everyday.  Every single day.  I have figured out the formula for the perfect cup of iced coffee.  However, mixing it has always been an issue.  Until now.  I can make my iced coffee, shake it up, stick the straw in and go!  Same with my iced tea.  I dig fresh brewed tea, now I can brew, pour it in, add ice, shake and go.  See the trend?  Quick AND easy.  I will go into further detail on this cup and how to make iced coffee on my website next week. So… stay tuned!
Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler!

Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler!

  • Crucial Detail’s Porthole Infuser – I paused at the show to rest my weary feet, sat for a bit and ended up becoming completely enraptured by this functional piece of art.  It is almost indescribable.   It is a beautiful way to infuse liqueurs, wine, teas, etc.. I will need to test this before I can recommend this and unfortunately it’s back ordered until June. More to come on how to use and if I end up loving this as much as I think I will.


In the coming weeks, I will get into the details of my most favorite finds at this years show.  I am going to be testing a few products and giving you feedback.  So…stay tuned.

Good-bye Houseware’s Show.  Until next year….

Hi ho hi ho.. It’s off to the Housewares Show I go.

I will be looking for new products, new trends and new colors for all things kitchen (unplugged of course). Stay tuned. More to come!