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It had me at hello…

Rarely does a pan stop me in my tracks.  I can honestly say that I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to bakeware. Until one beautiful, sunny day last month when I spotted the Wilton® Nonstick Baker’s Best 48-Cup Mini Muffin Pan sitting in the Wilton area at Micheals‘. It was as if spotlights were shining down and angels were singing.  I kid. I kid.  BUT it was a magical moment.  A pan that uses the entire oven shelf?  No more using pan after pan trying to get all the mini muffins done? How could this be? All true.  One batch.  One pan.  One oven.  Done.

Wilton 48 cup mini muffin

Wilton 48 cup mini muffin pan

This isn’t available on the Micheals’ site but is available from several other retailers.  (click each store name for link):

Bed Bath and Beyond for $18.99

Walmart for $13.88

Target for $20.99

Sigh. So love finding a new kitchenware item.  Now off to research new muffin recipes.

Happy baking everyone!

Contest time!

Last call! Contest ends tonight!


Contest time!

One of my favorite finds at last month’s Houseware’s Show was BlueAvocado, a company committed to making a positive impact with their products.

In honor of Earth Day (4/22), we are partnering together to celebrate all the great ways we can help keep our Earth ‘green’.

Comment with one thing you do already or can do to make your positive impact on our environment. Or nominate a ‘green’ friend (make sure to tag them!). Get creative!

25 winners will be chosen by yours truly to win a free pack of (re)zip seal lunch 2-pack. (the pool of entries will be combined from Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and Instagram).

THEN the 25 winners will have an opportunity to move on to another fun part II of the giveaway. (more to come)

Contest ends Friday so comment away! ‪#‎whatdoyourezip‬‪#‎blueavocado‬


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Product I love right now… my chef knife.

Product I love right now… my chef knife.

A chef knife is crucial for any home cook.  The shape of the knife allows you to rock the blade back and forth for better chopping/mincing control.   Chef knives run from $1.99 to hundreds of dollars.  In most cases, you get what you pay for and should base your investment amount on how often you cook.  I do think that every kitchen needs a chef knife but don’t waste money on an incredibly expensive knife that will barely see the side of a vegetable.

A few helpful links:

How to hold a Chef Knife.

How to use a Chef Knife.

Anatomy of a Chef Knife.


Happy Chopping!

Weekly Update!

Weekly Update!

Check out the recipe of the week and product of the week! Click on ‘weekly update’ to see what made the cut!

Updated Website!!

Updated Website!!

Hi MincedReviewers!  Come check out my newly updated site.  It is a one stop shop for all things MincedReviews.  Visit daily for Facebook and twitter feeds (lots of recipes and tips and tricks being passed along).  Visit weekly for my Recipe of the Week and Product of the week!  

New Year

New Year

Happy New Year MincedReviewers!

Merry Christmas MincedReviewers!

Merry Christmas MincedReviewers!

Merry Christmas MincedReviewers! I hope that you are all having a love-filled and delicious food-filled day.