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Monthly Archives: March 2012

What a strain.

What a strain.

In the world of colanders there has been some pretty fun stuff happening. Shape. Usage. Design. Color. Size. The main goal has remained the same…. straining. Lucky for us kitchenware companies saw beyond that.

I have a ridiculous amount of colanders. Admittedly. you can realistically get away with two main colanders. A larger one and a smaller fine mesh strainer for finer foods. But who wants to stop there? Not me and hopefully not you after seeing these.

  • Mini Colander -Perfect for pints of berries or for straining cans of veggies.
  • Collapsible Colander – Love these!  I love anything that smooshes down and is easily stored.  Dishwasher safe.  What more you could you ask for?
  • Expandable Colander – These are great for straining pastas or rinsing fruits and vegetables!  They expand to fit most sinks and come in collapsible versions or standard versions.  I personally love the collapsible ones because I am all about easy storage solutions.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer – Great for straining smaller food or sauces.
  • Colorful colanders – Fun, fun colors.  Honestly, don’t these fun colors just brighten up you day?  or am I really a Kitchenware loving dork?  Both?
  • Traditional Colanders  –  There is something to said for tradition.  These are the tried and true stainless colanders that have been around for generations.  Plus, they look great hanging in a kitchen as decor.
  • Pot Strainer– These are great!  They are for straining directly from the pot without adding an entire strainer to your dishwashing pile.   Genius!

I hope you feel inspired to go shopping for a new strainer.  Get rid of any rusty ones, broken ones, ugly ones.  Go get something that will inspire you to cook! or inspire you to buy fresh fruits and veggies (just so you can rinse them in your cute new colander).

Happy Straining everyone!

These boots were made for walkin’

Blogging live from the Housewares Show.  First time that I have sat down today.  Thankfully I ditched the cute shoe idea and went with not so cute but comfy shoes.  Smart. So the Housewares Show is in full swing.  People everywhere!  Started the day with Guy Fieri behind me on the escalator and then almost bonked right into Paula Deen.  Not to name drop or anything.  🙂   Lots of fun finds so far.  I am taking copious notes and pictures galore so that I can become super blogger extraordinaire when I get back.  Enjoy the beautiful day.  More to come…..

Getting ready to walk!

Getting ready to walk!

Good afternoon everyone!  I am gearing up to walk the IHHS (International Home and Housewares Show) this weekend and  I cannot wait!  This is the best time of the year for anyone in the kitchenware industry.  Vendors/manufacturers come to Chicago from all over the world.  New trends.  New design.  New innovation.  I am going to try to absorb as much as I physically and mentally can in two days.  I am going to look booth by booth, fry pan by fry pan, cookie sheet by cookie sheet for the next great gadget that we MUST have.  For the next great cookware innovation that we MUST try.  I will be posting live updates and photos from the show.  I want you to see all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) products that are out there.

Happy cooking everyone.  Now… off to find walkin’ shoes (that are crazy cute and feel like you are walking on air- who am I kidding, I should just buy band-aids AND cute shoes).