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It had me at hello…

Rarely does a pan stop me in my tracks.  I can honestly say that I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to bakeware. Until one beautiful, sunny day last month when I spotted the Wilton® Nonstick Baker’s Best 48-Cup Mini Muffin Pan sitting in the Wilton area at Micheals‘. It was as if spotlights were shining down and angels were singing.  I kid. I kid.  BUT it was a magical moment.  A pan that uses the entire oven shelf?  No more using pan after pan trying to get all the mini muffins done? How could this be? All true.  One batch.  One pan.  One oven.  Done.

Wilton 48 cup mini muffin

Wilton 48 cup mini muffin pan

This isn’t available on the Micheals’ site but is available from several other retailers.  (click each store name for link):

Bed Bath and Beyond for $18.99

Walmart for $13.88

Target for $20.99

Sigh. So love finding a new kitchenware item.  Now off to research new muffin recipes.

Happy baking everyone!

Treat Pops!

Sooo..  Treat Pops.  What exactly is a Treat Pop??  Well, for those of us that don’t have the patience for cake pops but want something so incredibly cute that you can’t help but smile when looking at them, Wilton has made Treat Pops.    Think of the frozen push up pops from your childhood and then re-imagine them filled with layer after layer of frosting and cake.  Yum!

I tested these yesterday for Easter and they turned out so adorable!

What I used:

  1. Wilton Treat Pop Containers– You can buy the containers with or without a stand BUT I do recommend the stand.  However, each pop top comes with a lid that doubles as a base so that they can stand upright without the use of a stand (as shown in my pics).  Click on this link for details on the containers.  Treat Pop Containers!
  2. Wilton Treat Pop Decorating Kit–  This kit retails for $8.99 on  This kit gave me all the tips I needed to do the icing layers between the cake and also to do a super cute swirly icing top!
  3. Wilton Mini-Whoopie Pie Pan– This pan makes the perfect size cake for the treat pop containers.  It retails for $14.99  on
  4. Cake Layers– I used Trader Joe’s Vanilla cake mix and Ready to Bake Brownies.  I had much more success with the vanilla cake mix than I did with the brownies.  The brownie mix was a little too thick for the pan that I used. Slightly frustrating.  They tasted good but were difficult to get out of the pan and difficult to fit into the treat pop container.
  5. Frosting – I cheated on the frosting too and used Betty Crocker to save time. Dye to any color you want.
  6. Sprinkles– I used cute Wilton pearl beads in blue and white for Easter but the sprinkle possibilities are ENDLESS!  Click here to see all the sprinkles your heart could ever desire! 🙂  SPRINKLES!!

The finished product:

Check out the link below to Wilton’s website to learn about all things treat pops.

Wilton Treat Pops!

I highly highly recommend you try these.  They were so easy and the boys loved them!!  Next stop for this cuteness?  Henry’s birthday party. No traditional birthday cake for him.  He wants Treat Pops.  🙂

Happy baking everyone!!

That’s a Wrap!

Another Houseware’s Show has come to an end.  The show continues on today but I am back in the land of suburbia watching the beautiful snow fall.

I will end my series of Show blogs with some final thoughts and a glimpse of blogs to come…

  • Color – The overarching trend of the show continues to be color.  Color everywhere.  From the can opener to the fry pan.  While this is not a new trend in kitchenware, it has been around for the last five years or so, it still never ceases to amaze me.  It is eye-catching.  It’s fun.  It’s limitless.   The two colors that really jumped out at me this year was yellow and green.  Think lemons and emerald-green (Pantone color of the year by the way).  So fresh and quite honestly, it made me happy looking at it.     


  • Old is new – Much to my delight, vintage ‘looking’ is everywhere.  Mad Men-esque if you will.  Vintage colors (ala MincedReviews look and feel).  Vintage styling.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I was drawn to it all!
Elite Americana Collection

Elite Americana Collection

Good Cook Sprinkles Bakeware

Good Cook Sprinkles Bakeware

The Cake Boss!

The Cake Boss!

  • Family – Another common thread continued to be products that had the mission of making moments together as a family easier.  From Wilton to Duff Goldman to The Cake Boss.  Fun, inspiring, easy to use products that would help you create fun edible projects with your children.   As I test some of these products in the coming weeks with the boys, I will blog what worked, what didn’t and help you find where to buy all the good stuff so that you can start on the family fun too!
Buddy Valastro

Buddy Valastro

  • Eco – There is still a push towards ‘eco-friendly’ interiors. Ceramic fry pans were EVERYWHERE.   Ceramic hit the show last year in a small way and this year become the year of the ceramic pan.  The jury is still out for me on ceramic.  I have a ceramic fry pan.  I do use it occasionally but I have had my reservations about this trend for while.  After meeting with nonstick leader DuPont yesterday, I am even more compelled to research ceramic further .  I will be doing a blog on all fry pan interiors in the next couple of weeks.
IMUSA Ceramic Fry Pans

IMUSA Ceramic Fry Pans

  • Favorite Products (at first glance) – I say at first glance because I do not like recommending a product without trying it first.

             – The Top Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set w/Graters, Slicers and Lid.    With its silicone bottom and interchangeable blades for the bowl cover, this is a unique, functional product that I am incredibly excited to buy/try.

top chef bowl

Top Chef Stainless Steel Bowl w/Interchangeable Blades

          -Treat Pops by Wilton.  These fun little tubes of endless possibility are so flippin’ cute.  With every sprinkle and cake dec. that you could imagine, you really could let your imagination run wild.  Such a fun activity to do with your children, surprise them with these instead of cake,  use for a baby shower, bridal shower… the list could go on and on.  Check out these pics!

IMG_3321 IMG_3323 IMG_3324

       – The Cake Boss Cake Carrier-  How cute are these!!!  No more bulky plastic.  These are made of a light weight metal with a locking lid.  Plus, they have my essential retro vibe requirement.   Sigh.  When can I buy these?  Not sure I can wait until Fall 2013.

IMG_3354 IMG_3355

In the coming weeks, I will get into the details of my most favorite finds at this years show.  I am going to be testing a few products and giving you feedback.  So… more to come.

I, admittedly, am a kitchenware geek and borderline obssesive foodie so the last three days have been a slice of heaven for me (well, for all of me minus my feet).   Until next year….

Houseware’s Show 2013

Greetings from the International Home and Houseware’s Show! I’m sitting in the press room patiently(im) waiting for the show to start. I will be taking pics, videos and blogging away so that you can have an inside view to all this kitchenware excitement! So, stay tuned for more updates!

12:00pm – Update…
Taking a quick break for a media lunch and wanted to take a minute to blog about the morning.
Three main trends so far:
1. Color- Bringing color to the kitchen via cookware, bakeware and fun gadgets.
2. Eco- Keeping it ‘green’ with chemical free coatings such as ceramic and of course PFOA free surfaces.
3. Family Fun!- I found one of my favorite trends in the Wilton booth… Treat Pops!! Fun and MUCH easier than cake pops (for me anyway).

Here are a few pics of my favorite things.






Wrapping up today. What a great day at the Show! The highlight was meeting Duff Goldman. Such a huge fan of his. I am amazed at his level of talent! He showed me a pic of a full size Nascar cake that he did last week for Nascar. FULL SIZE!! CAKE! Stop and comprehend that for a moment. Amazing. He is continuing his quest to take professional level cake decorating to the masses. Fun stuff. Details to come on that in a future blog. Now off to dinner with old friends from my Kitchenware buying life. More Houseware’s Show madness and mayhem to come!

Product o’ the Week! 5.0

This week’s ‘Product o’ the Week’ is…

The OXO Good Grips Scrub brush and holder set.  Okay, so not exactly a gadget to help you cook BUT it is something to help clean your stuff after you cook!   I found this at Bed Bath and Beyond and love love love it.  I have always used OXO scrub brushes but what I love is the holder.  The holder catches all of the dripping water and keeps your sink area clean and dry.  You just tip to drain and throw it in dish washer to clean.  Love it!  Click on the picture to get more details and the price on the Bed Bath and Beyond website.

OXO Good Grips Scrub brush with Holder.

OXO Good Grips Scrub brush with Holder.

Happy Scrubbing!

Product o’ the Week! 4.0

Product o’ the Week! 4.0

This week’s ‘Product o’ the Week’ is… (cue drum roll)

The Wilton Baking Mat!  My friend Kristen clued me in on this amazing baking tool when she came over for our annual Christmas cooking day.  Of course, I had heard of silicone baking mats but I hadn’t tried them.   I immediately headed out to buy baking mats to try.  I’m in love.  No more cookies that look amazing on the top but too brown (coughburntcough) on the bottom.  They don’t stick.  Easy clean up.   If you enjoy baking, I highly highly recommend these.  Such a great investment!  Click on ‘Wilton Baking Mat’ above to get more information.

Happy Baking!!