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Treat Pops!

Sooo..  Treat Pops.  What exactly is a Treat Pop??  Well, for those of us that don’t have the patience for cake pops but want something so incredibly cute that you can’t help but smile when looking at them, Wilton has made Treat Pops.    Think of the frozen push up pops from your childhood and then re-imagine them filled with layer after layer of frosting and cake.  Yum!

I tested these yesterday for Easter and they turned out so adorable!

What I used:

  1. Wilton Treat Pop Containers– You can buy the containers with or without a stand BUT I do recommend the stand.  However, each pop top comes with a lid that doubles as a base so that they can stand upright without the use of a stand (as shown in my pics).  Click on this link for details on the containers.  Treat Pop Containers!
  2. Wilton Treat Pop Decorating Kit–  This kit retails for $8.99 on  This kit gave me all the tips I needed to do the icing layers between the cake and also to do a super cute swirly icing top!
  3. Wilton Mini-Whoopie Pie Pan– This pan makes the perfect size cake for the treat pop containers.  It retails for $14.99  on
  4. Cake Layers– I used Trader Joe’s Vanilla cake mix and Ready to Bake Brownies.  I had much more success with the vanilla cake mix than I did with the brownies.  The brownie mix was a little too thick for the pan that I used. Slightly frustrating.  They tasted good but were difficult to get out of the pan and difficult to fit into the treat pop container.
  5. Frosting – I cheated on the frosting too and used Betty Crocker to save time. Dye to any color you want.
  6. Sprinkles– I used cute Wilton pearl beads in blue and white for Easter but the sprinkle possibilities are ENDLESS!  Click here to see all the sprinkles your heart could ever desire! 🙂  SPRINKLES!!

The finished product:

Check out the link below to Wilton’s website to learn about all things treat pops.

Wilton Treat Pops!

I highly highly recommend you try these.  They were so easy and the boys loved them!!  Next stop for this cuteness?  Henry’s birthday party. No traditional birthday cake for him.  He wants Treat Pops.  🙂

Happy baking everyone!!

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