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Menu Plan 14.0

Week 14:

Sunday – fettuccine with Sausage and Kale.   Lately I have been obsessed with Kale.  This recipe was too easy not to try.  Loved the combo of noodles, sausage and kale.  Especially as an alternative to spinach.  Note that on this link to Rachel Ray’s recipe, it calls for 12 cups of water.  This is a TYPO!  It should be 1/2 cup.  Also, it is a little vague how small to chop the kale.  Err on the side of smaller pieces.   I recommend adding a little olive to the fettuccine noodles after you drain them to prevent sticking.

Monday–  Fish Cakes. Yikes… okay, I admit it, the name of the recipe sounds a little ick.  This is a simple Kraft recipe that I love because you can tailor the taste by using your fish of choice.  I personally like to use crab meat. I also love to make a spicy Thai chili sauce to serve on top of the crab cakes.  I don’t have an exact recipe but basically I use about a cup of mayo, a couple of tablespoons of Thai chili sauce and I squeeze the juice out of a 1/2 a lemon.  I recommend that you make the sauce before you make the fish cakes so that the flavors have a little time to meld.  

Tuesday–  Slow Cooker Beef Stew.  This is a great mid-week slow cooker recipe.  If you really need to cut corners, you can by the beef stew kit in the produce section of your grocery store, buy the beef stew slow cooker packet in the spice aisle and call it a day.  If you have a little more time on your hands, the link above is to an easy recipe on AllRecipes that I have used for quite some time.  I serve with biscuits.  Aah, comfort food.  Easy and it smells wonderful when you get home.  

Wednesday– Breakfast night!!!  We haven’t had one in awhile.  Such a fun, family dinner kind of night.  Pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon.  Yum!!

Thursday– Mexican Chicken. This recipe from Paula Deen is not healthy.  I repeat.. not healthy.  At all.  BUT…delish. Once in a while that just has to be a priority, right???  **Recipe Notes** I use Rotel in place of tomatoes.  I cut down the soup to two cans of cream soup instead of three.  It was a little soupy the first time I made this with all three cans.

Friday– Fun family night?  Date night?  Whatev.  Just DON’T cook!  

Saturday–   Risotto with Pesto and Peas.  This recipe.  Wow.  This recipe.  At a loss for words.  After making this once, this has already become one of my most favorite recipes.  You definitely need to be a fan of pesto to dig the this recipe.  It does dominate.  BUT I am fan AND I do love it.   Really, the picture should say it all.  🙂 

Don’t forget to click on the link below to use the printable grocery list!  This will help keep you on track as you shop.  Hope this helps streamline your grocery store trips! The goal is for you to go to the store ONCE this week. Save time. Save $$.

Grocery List Template

and as always, here is your menu planning template to print out, write your menu and stick on your fridge.  It is super cute!!

Menu Planning Template

Happy cooking!

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