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Menu Plan 12.0

The weekly menu plan is back….. at long last!

Week 12:

SundaySlow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings.  If you have not made this before and you have a slow cooker, you HAVE to try this.  It is a perfect cold weather easy dinner.  Notes: 1. I use chicken broth in place of water. and 2. I cut the biscuits into smaller pieces (4 to 6 pcs. per biscuit), otherwise they come out a bit doughier than we like.  

Monday–  Holiday Fiesta Quesadillas.  This recipe by Ree Drummond looks amazing.  I have not made this recipe yet, but I will be making this next Monday.  I will post feedback on the recipe afterwards on my Facebook page.

Tuesday Beef Tips.  This recipe from All Recipes is a great mid-week recipe.  We try not to each much red meat, so I only make this occasionally.  The only thing that I change is that I omit the tsp of salt.  This recipe has enough salt as is.  Serve with egg noodles.

Wednesday– Mandarin Orange Chicken.  Not every night can be a ‘made from scratch’ night.  We (the boys included) love Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken.  I steam rice in the rice cooker, heat the chicken in the oven and once in awhile we will also make the Trader Joe’s egg rolls to go with it.

Thursday– Marinated Grilled Shrimp.  This is such a fantastic easy meal.  Now that it’s colder, I use my grill pan on the stove.  The results are nearly the same as using an outdoor grill.  Serve with angel hair pasta (w/olive oil and garlic salt), garlic bread and a salad.  Easy.  Easy. Dinner.

Friday– Fun Friday!  Go out to dinner.  Eat frozen pizza.  Just take it easy.  It’s the end of the week, you deserve a break!!

Saturday–  Pretzel Crusted Chicken Breasts.  This recipe is a Rachel Ray recipe that I have adapted.  This is such a great variation of a typical bread crumb coated chicken breast.  A couple of notes:  1.  I did not use thyme in the pretzel crumb mixture (just didn’t have any on hand and I didn’t miss it). 2. I used olive oil to fry in vs. vegetable oil.  I get that oil is oil but I just prefer olive oil because it seems so much better for you. Who knows? 3. I don’t make the cheddar mustard sauce.  If you have the time, I say have at it.  I had honey mustard sauce on hand so we just used that and saved a little time.  I have made this a few times.  We love it!  For a fun variation, I used the pumpernickel pretzels from Trader Joes the second time that I made it.  Serve with mashed potatoes and corn.  Yummy comfort food with a twist! 🙂

The link below is to a printable grocery list that you can check off what you need and add what I’ve left off the list.  Hope this helps streamline your grocery store trips! The goal is for you to go to the store ONCE this week. Save time. Save $$.

Grocery List Template

and as always, here is your menu planning template to print out, write your menu and stick on your fridge.

Menu Planning Template

Happy cooking!

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I am a former buyer of Kitchenware and Dinnerware for a major US retailer. I am now the owner/blogger extraordinaire of MincedReviews. Hope you enjoy the blog! Thanks for following! Happy cooking!

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