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All Blogged Up.

All Blogged Up.

Ok. So I admit it. Summer has swallowed me up. My blog has clearly been the first to suffer. However, my love of all things kitchen has remained firmly intact. While my days are filled with fun at the pool, my evenings have been spent trying new recipes and searching the web for fun tips and tricks for the kitchen.

A few of my fun finds:

1. To save $, grocery shop once per week– I am on week two of this and so far so good. I have cut my weekly spend by a 1/3. Wahoo. The theory being that even if you go into the store to buy a gallon of milk, you’ll never walk out with only a gallon of milk.

2. Plan meals at least two weeks out– Sort of a pain at first to sit down and really plan out meals but soooo worth it. Pet peeve ‘o mine #1 – a daily conversation with E on what we should have for dinner. This has virtually been eliminated and I am LOVING it. Not to mention it is much easier to shop. I plan the meals, make the grocery list and go.

3. Prolonging the life of our bananas – pull them apart after you get them home to slow ripening. The result is TBD since I just did this for the first time the other day.

4. Sterilizing sponges– Pop them in the microwave (wet NOT dry) for one minute after every clean up to kill 99% of germs. I am pretty sure this is an old tip that somehow passed me by before. Happy to know this now, especially since the ‘norovirus-megedden’ hit the Warsaw house.  Must. Keep. Germs. Out.

5. Garlic peeling – In a previous garlic blog, I posted a video of a chef putting garlic cloves between two metal bowls and shaking them (see link below). I made Forty Garlic Chicken the other day and it totally worked. I was shocked at how much easier it was to get the skin off the cloves. WOW.

Garlic Peeling Trick

I hope everyone is having a happy Summer.  More blogs, tips and tricks to come.

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