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Boiled over.

Boiled over.

Still thinking about eggs.  Hard boiled today. In anticipation of an excellent egg dying session tonight, I was in a desperate search for a hard-boiled egg recipe that actually allowed me to peel the egg.   I always make deviled eggs with the dyed eggs and am crazed by the time I have peeled all the eggs.   The peel sticks/peels off parts of the egg/doesn’t come off at all/ugh.  So, I started researching techniques.  I finally have found success.  I tried Emeril’s tips, Martha’s tips and Food Network.  The winner is….

Martha.   Link below.

Martha Stewart’s Hard Boiled Eggs

Had I been thinking,  as my Sister reminded me this morning, I would have realized that this is almost exactly how our Mom used to hard boil eggs.  Sigh.  🙂

Happy egg boiling everyone!!

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  1. I also learned never to use fresh eggs. wait a week or so to boil then and puncture a tiny hole in the end of each and the shells will never crack. I always bring to a boil, cover and let nature do its thing
    Happy Easter

  2. I was taught to never use fresh eggs. Wait a week or so to boil. Puncture a small hole in one end and the shells will not crack. I also bring to a boil, cover and leave them for about 20 minutes and then run lots of cold water over them.

    Happy Easter


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