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Mix it up a little, will ya?

Re-posting an oldie but a goodie (seriously a strange saying)….

Mixing bowls are a secret love of mine.  When I walk the kitchenware aisles, the booths at the Houseware’s Show or just open my cabinet, I am drawn to the fun colors.  Boring mixing bowls are sooo yesterday.  Mixing bowls are a statement piece.  Fun colors, fun materials, fun features.  I am going to give you a quick rundown of some of the advances that I have seen in the past five years and I encourage you to toss your old bowls (or use them for messy kid crafts or something) and buy something fresh, fun and new.

  • Silicone – Most bowls now come with silicone on the bottom to prevent slipping while you are mixing.  Love it!  A select few also add a silicone handle for you to get an extra secure grip while mixing (OXO makes a great set of bowls with silicone on the bottom and on the handle for $24.99 on So cute!
  • Materials – Mixing bowls are available in almost every material imaginable for the kitchen.  Glass.  Ceramic.  Melamine. Stainless Steel.  While the fun colors are reserved typically for the ceramic and the melamine, I do still use my glass (Pyrex makes a great mixing bowl set that comes with fun colored lids for @ $20 for an 8 pc set) and stainless steel bowls as well (usually a little pricier $20-$40 for a set of three depending on the brand).  There is just something about whisking eggs in a stainless bowl that makes me feel like a pro.
  • Storage– While I prefer to buy bowls that nest, collapsible bowls do exist as well.  Progressive makes a collapsible 3 qt bowl in a few fun colors that are great if you don’t have much cabinet space. (retails for about $10 on or at Kmart).
  • Pourable – You can also find mixing bowls with a pour spout.  Huge bonus for those of us that want to just pour cake batter or pancake batter without making a big mess.
  • Sets or open stock–  You can buy mixing bowls in a set or as open stock (single bowls).  As an example, OXO  comes in a 1.5 qt ($8-$9), a 3 qt ($9-$11) and a 5 qt ($10-$13) at retailers such as Amazon, Kmart, Target and Crate and Barrel (to name a few).  A set of three OXO bowls is typically @24.99 and really makes the most economic sense.

Fun tip:  Mixing bowls are for more than just mixing.  Throw fresh fruit in them and leave them out on the counter.  When you buy such fun colors, why hide them in the cabinet.

Happy Mixing everyone.  I hope you will feel as inspired as I am by these fun colors!

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I am a former buyer of Kitchenware and Dinnerware for a major US retailer. I am now the owner/blogger extraordinaire of MincedReviews. Hope you enjoy the blog! Thanks for following! Happy cooking!

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