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Really? A knife. Say it isn’t so.

I credit my sister-in-law for this title. Her pet peeve is a knife slicing into a pizza. Granted, not an end-of-the world solution to cutting your pizza but you end up dragging the cheese and really it’s just messy and sorta makes your pizza look gross. Reason to buy a pizza cutter #1. Reason to buy a pizza cutter #2– If your pizza cutter is more than 10 yrs old, you probably need a new one. Surprisingly there have been a few updates to the design that really make slicing through pizza easier. The diameter of the wheel has increased substantially so that you can slice through thicker pizza and still be able to keep the ingredients intact. I wouldn’t recommend buying any pizza cutter with a wheel smaller than a 3″. Reason to buy a pizza cutter #3 – You can actually use it for other things! I use mine for cutting fresh herbs, shredding lettuce and cutting quesadillas. Trust me, wayyyy easier than using a knife. Try a pizza wheel the next time you need chop up fresh parsley for a recipe. Its easier and I don’t feel like I am going to slice my finger in the process.

Buying a pizza cutter 101

  • Choose a stainless steel pizza cutter for durability and ease of cleaning. The stainless steel will resist corrosion. However, if you are using non-stick pizza pans to make your pizza, I would suggest buying a plastic wheel pizza cutter.
  • Hold the pizza cutter in your hand to make sure you like the feel and positioning of the handle.
  • Don’t worry about the length of the handle. It just needs to fit well in your hand.
  • An important feature for me is how much of the wheel is exposed or if it can come apart. There really isn’t anything more gross than old food stuck where you can’t get it. Ick.

Pizza Cutter Best Bets

  • Stainless-OXO Good Grips 4″ pizza Cutter. Can be found on ($12.99), Target (called OXO Soft Grips-$8.39), Kmart (called OXO Touchables-$8.99) and Bed Bath and Beyond ($12.99). Personally, I have used the Target and the Bed Bath pizza cutters and they both work equally well, my ultimate recommendation would be to save the money and buy it at Kmart or Target. My absolute favorite pizza cutter is my Pyrex pizza cutter. Unfortunately, the only place that I can find to purchase is ($8.99). Amazing cutter. Sturdy, great handle and best of all the wheel comes completely off so I can get it perfectly clean. Love it!
  • Plastic- OXO Good Grips 4″ pizza cutter for non-stick pans. Can be found at ($14.99), Target (called OXO Soft Grips-$8.99), Williams-Sonoma ($13.00) or Bed Bath & Beyond ($11.99). Kenmore (at Kmart for $7.99) also makes an excellent plastic pizza cutter.

Happy slicing everyone!

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