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To scoop or not to scoop.

I admit in advance that it seems silly blogging about ice cream tools when it is January 6th but it is 51 degrees outside right now!! So, off I go….  One purchase that I made a while back was an ice cream spade (pictured above).  It has a squared flat surface to dig the ice cream out.  Every time I use it I am literally complaining to myself the whole time (silently and to myself of course, which isn’t weird at all, right?).  I just don’t like it.   I saw one being used to prepare my amazing bowl of ice cream at Cold Stone and thought that I must have it.  Wrong.  When I use it at home, it just flops into the bowl and lies there looking meh.  I need cute round scoops of ice cream in my bowls and in my cones.  Ice cream is supposed to be fun, cheerful!  So, off I went in search of an ice cream scoop worthy of my ice cream sundae.  At first glance, the Zeroll ice cream scoop (pictured above) seemed to be the scoop of choice amongst reviewers.  The selling point of this scoop is supposed to be the antifreeze in the handle that works as a heat conductor and I suppose, helps to minimize the arm workout scooping ice cream.  No offense to anyone who has this scoop or to the Zeroll company, but I am just not comfortable having antifreeze so close to my food.  Yes, I realize that it has been around for years and years and yes, I am sure it’s fine, but antifreeze??  Really.  It is also hand wash only, which isn’t a huge deal but just another reason not to buy.  It retails for @$20, a bit high for a scoop in my opinion.   OXO also has a scoop (pictured above with the black handle) that works well  (retails for @$15).  We have used it a few times, is very sturdy and dishwasher safe.  However, the best option that I found was the Zyliss scoop (pictured above with the white handle).  This is, by far, the best option out there in my opinion.  It comes in a variety of cute colors, incredibly sturdy, scoops thru the hardest of ice creams, great for lefties and righties (not 100% sure those are real words), dishwasher safe and typically only @$10.  Love it!!  You can find Zyliss online on or in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Carson Pirie Scott and World Market.   As I finish typing this, I am now thinking to myself, perhaps I should cut down on the ice cream consumption.   Hmm.  Nah.  Happy scooping everyone!

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I am a former buyer of Kitchenware and Dinnerware for a major US retailer. I am now the owner/blogger extraordinaire of MincedReviews. Hope you enjoy the blog! Thanks for following! Happy cooking!

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  1. I have the Zyliss! Every time I use it I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with how well it works! And I got it from TJ Maxx for about $6!

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  3. Really enjoying your creative and useful site. Thanks! The scoop reviews have me wondering about the good ol’ ice cream scooper with the spring-loaded release bar (you know, the one where you squeeze the handle)? That’s still our favorite.

    • Hi Jill! Thanks for following my latest adventure. Hope all is well! Yes, I should have included that type of scoop in my review. My issue with this particular style is that the spring mechanism typically ends up rusting. Let me know if you have found a brand that is proving me wrong? and please let me know how long you’ve had it. Thanks!

  4. I know the Zeroll type Ice Cream scoop is no longer sold by Pampered Chef and currently sell a newly redesigned ice cream scoop. It is an awesome scoop and goes through ice cream like butter! It’s a little bit of a different design than the ones featured above and makes the “cute round scoops” you seem to like. Check it out!


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