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mincedreviews intro to the world

Starting a new venture can be exciting/fun/scary/insert your own adjective here but also incredibly rewarding. The idea for mincedreviews originally came from an overwhelming desire to tackle the next couple I saw with a registry gun scanning a pineapple peeler. Being a former buyer of kitchenware and dinnerware for one of the largest retailers in the US as well as a wife and mother, I am often asked for advice on what to buy, what not to buy for the kitchen. I realized that there really isn’t an informative yet fun platform for reviewing kitchenware products. And when I say kitchenware products, I mean everything in a kitchen used to prepare food sans a cord (we’ll leave small kitchen electrics to the experts of all things plugged in). Buying guides. Product reviews. Tips and tricks. Guidelines for products that fit different stages in your life. My hope is that we will begin to help each other make better purchasing decisions and start enjoying ourselves in the kitchen. Now, where shall we begin….

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  1. Great idea. Buying kitchenware has always been a hit or miss with me. I will definitely check this site before making purchases to ensure I am paying for quality products.


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